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Quality First

Quality First

To assist the bodyshop to keep
pace in this ever changing environment De Beer have developed a state of the art program designed to give the bodyshop the tools required to keep ahead of the game and enjoy continued and higher levels of success.

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Colour Information

With DeBeer Refinish colour information you will be assured of finding exactly what colour it is, retrieve the right formula right away, and deliver a repair that's truly invisible, satisfying the vehicle owner’s expectations.


Intelligent Colour Retrieval Information Service

DeBeer can offer you a colour database containing more than 80,000 international motor vehicle colours based on a wide range of steels & plastic parts. ICRIS is easy to use, with comprehensive retrieval features including the ability to search by different options. This enables you to search via Type/Model if you are unable to obtain colour codes from the vehicle. Alternatively you could search the entire database for a colour name. Formulas can be viewed in cumulative and absolute weights or ready-for-use paint with DeBeer Refinish auxiliary products. Additionally, the complete range of DeBeer Refinish Technical Data and Material Safety Sheets are linked to the products. Being a truly global system, ICRIS can be set up in over 25 languages.

The information provided in ICRIS is based for the most part on a “cross referencing system”. Simply said, a particular colour request can/may refer to a totally different colour a different code or model. Understandingly multiple colour codes exist for the same colour.

DeBeer Refinish ICRIS software gives you quick and easy access to all colour information through loading the CD-ROM which is compatible with any Windows PC. Every week, DeBeer Refinish laboratories upload over 500 new colours and variants to the ICRIS system. The colour information can be updated on a weekly basis in only seconds from your office through the internet. Alternatively, you can load the weekly update onto a flash drive/USB stick & update your computer in the paint room. ICRIS can be linked to your scales also, so that you can quickly and accurately weigh out the formula on your computer screen. It also provides storage capacity for personal colour formulas and helps you to recalculate after a weighing error.

Furthermore, DeBeer Refinish offers a Colour Box as a tool to use in coordination with your ICRIS software. Colour formulas available as painted chips in the colour box are noted in ICRIS, so that you can check for accuracy in field without mixing a spray out to check for variants.

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